About Us

Karigar Niryat Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2008 by Mrs. Geetanjali Mongia in the capital city of New Delhi located in the heart of northern India. Our Product range includes Men’s, Ladies & Kids Fashion Garments using the best quality of Yarns and unique Fabrics along with extremely sophisticated workmanship and myriad type of value additions.

Our product range

Karigar Niryat is a manufacturing facility that specializes in Circular Knitted & Woven Fabrics based Garments. We innovate to develop & execute our styles with use of Mix Media, blending of Flat Knits Trimmings or Cut-&-Sew Sweaters which may have a unique twist by garment dyeing and processing. Our strengths lie in products based with prints / embroideries whether hand or machine and majorly in various types of Garment Dyeing / Processing. Prioritizing the use of Sustainable Fabrics is an area of utmost importance in which the team at Karigar is putting in specialized expertise and research.

Our Clients

We are known for our innate customization capabilities and this strength has enabled us to share a special bond with our customers. Our team of designer’s keep a close update on the latest trends and study the applicability for each client so that they are able to render products which match their requirements keeping the brand identity & look as the main focus. This inherent strength of design has helped Karigar not only to build and consolidate on our old associations but also incorporate new accounts to an already existing esteemed set of Clients Base.