Research & Development

Design being the strongest language for the fashion trade Karigar applauds itself to be a research and design driven company.


Karigar is known for its innate customization and client servicing capabilities and this strength has enabled us to share a special bond with our customers


Being a young company with a strong focus on diversification and growth Karigar is open to inculcate new & innovative ideas based and supported by strong research and development.

Fabric Store

Being in Delhi NCR region does not stop Karigar from procuring the finest & the most exclusive fabric from across the country. Sourcing and Development of Special Fabrics Qualities & Finishes like Performance – Real Indigo - Organic – Sustainable Fabrics is an area of utmost importance in which the team at Karigar is putting in specialized expertise and research to be able to offer to all their clients spread across the United States of America and Europe.


Some of the most interesting amalgamation of trims sourced from all over India which help us create the gift of uniqueness to our styles can be found under the roof or our Trim Store.




Karigar’s strengths not only lies in products based with prints / embroideries whether hand or machine but majorly in various types of Garment Dyeing / Processing. We innovate to develop & execute our styles with use of Mix Media, blending of Flat Knits Trimmings or Cut-&-Sew Sweaters which may have a unique twist by garment dyeing and processing as well.

Washing / Ironing / Finishing


Environmental sustainability drives through the philosophy of the company. As responsible citizens of this world Karigar makes their contribution by following stringent rules towards Recycle / Reuse / Reduce / introduction of biodegradable plastic packaging for a greener future.

Shipping & Documentation


Safety and Wellbeing of the workers is the foremost concern. Women at every stage of work and manufacturing of the product hold a very important position in the company’s structure. Karigar strives to generate a constant stimulation for innovation and growth within a warm, stable & secure work space.

Admin &

Karigar Niryat is in sync with all national and international laws. The infrastructure of the factory and the social responsibilities are compliant to all the required customer protocols.

Finance &

This company was rooted in 2008 with a small group of women, who set out to give the International world a taste of Indian Handcrafted Products. Growing from that modest start today Karigar Niryat prides itself on the incorporation of a state-of-the-art garment manufacturing facility with a strong and sound financial portfolio supported by some of the most prestigious International Fashion Brands of the world.


  • Performance Fabrics
  • Sustainable Fabrics
  • Garment Dyes and Washes
  • Mix Media Garments
  • Technical Garments with high Details